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How to Use Welcome Window to Launch the Functions at Startup?


To work more efficiently, MP3 Audio Editor put "New File", "New recording", "Load from CD" and some frequently used functions at the startup welcome window. One click and you'll instantly get into the work. You can also get help with "tutorial" the moment you don't know how to operate the software. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor & do whatever editing work with it.

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Step 1. Use Welcome Window to Launch the Functions at Startup

Launch MP3 Audio Editor and the welcome window pops up, in which you can directly launch some functions.

(1) "New File...": Click here to create a new audio file.

(2) "New Recording...": Click here to activate audio recorder to record what you want.

(3) "Load from CD...": Click here to load audio track(s) from audio CDs.

(4) "Text to Speech...": This function can convert text to audio.

(5) "Recent Files": Show the files that you have opened.

(6) "Tutorial": There are many tutorials to guide you to use the software easily.

(7) "Show this dialog at the startup": Check/Uncheck here to show/hide the dialog when you launch the software.

Tips: There is a unique feature that all of the functions can be found from the interface of the editor, even though the Welcome Window is closed.

Use Welcome Window

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