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How to Customize Interface?


MP3 Audio Editor has a user-friendly & well-arranged graphical interface, but you can also customize the editor for the way you work and think. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to change the way MP3 Audio Editor interface looks, as well as how to change settings for your work preferences. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor first.

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Step 1. Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Launch MP3 Audio Editor and click "More Buttons" (1) at the top of the window to customize the quick access toolbar.

(2)"New File", "Open", "Save File", "Undo", "Redo", "Burn CD": Check/Uncheck it to show/hide in the toolbar.

(3)"More Commands": Check/Uncheck the toolbars to show/hide in the Home window; In "Commands" section, click one category and its commands will be shown in the right box; If you want to personalize the Menu and Toolbars, or other operations, you can set "Options".

(4)"Show Quick Access Toolbar Above/Below the Ribbon": You can easily change the toolbar position above/below the ribbon.

(5)"Minimize the Ribbon": Make the Ribbon small just leaving the tabs on the interface.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

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Step 2. Customize Command Bar

Click "Option" (1) tab to choose "Command Bar" (2).

(3)"Show Command Bar": Show/Hide the command bar list. When the command bar list shown, there are three buttons above the list: "Effects", "Favorites" and "Show/Hide Command List". Click "Effects" or "Favorites" the corresponding items will be shown in the list. Click "Show/Hide Command List" button to show/hide the command list.

(4)"On the Left": Show the command bar list on the left of the interface.

(5)"On the Right": Show to command bar list on the right of the interface.

Customize Command Bar

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