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How to Set Keyboard Shortcuts?


If you're the type of person who loves customizing things to suit your own style, or you just want to be able to speed up your workflow and make both of you and MP3 Audio Editor much more efficient, you'll definitely want to create your own keyboard shortcuts. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor, and check out this feature instantly.

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Step 1. Activate Keyboard Shortcuts Window

Launch MP3 Audio Editor. Click "Options" (1) tab and then "Keyboard Shortcuts" button (2) to activate Keyboard Shortcuts settings window.

Activate Keyboard Shortcuts Window

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Step 2. Set Keyboard Shortcuts

Once the Keyboard Shortcuts window pops up you can see names of all the commands and their shortcuts. Many of them lack shortcuts. Select one command (1) you want to create a keyboard shortcut and in the box that reads "Press new shortcut key", press keystroke combination (2) you want to use as a shortcut. If the keystroke combination is already used for another command, then a note will appear directly in the box of "Conflicting keys" (3). Click "Clear" (4) to remove the shortcut you created. Click "OK" (5) to save the keyboard shortcut.

Tips: If you remember the shortcut keys that you created, it will save your much time instead of digging out them from many keys one by one.

Set Keyboard Shortcuts

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