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How to Convert Audio CD to WMA?


Want to backup your large music CD collections and enjoy them in computer? CD Ripper included in MP3 Audio Editor is an easy-to-use audio CD copy tool that helps you extract soundtracks from music CDs with high speed and saves as most popular audio formats. Just download and install MP3 Audio Editor!

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Step 1. Activate Audio CD Ripper

Insert your audio CD into your computer's CD drive, run MP3 Audio Editor and click on "File" (1) to choose "CD Ripper" (2) to activate the audio CD ripper tool.

Activate Audio CD Ripper

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Step 2. Select Useable Ripping Device

The ripper scans your computer's disc drive and all the available drives are displayed in the list. Select the right disc drive with the audio CD inserted (1). If you plug in new devices or change the disc click "Refresh..." to update device list.

Tips: If you don't have a audio CD in your drive, you could not proceed and there will be a window that pops up and reminds you of this.

Select Useable Ripping Device

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Step 3. Check the Tracks You Want to Rip

Set directory to save grabbed audio files. Click the "Browser" (1) button and choose the folder you want to backup in. Then check the tracks you'd like to grab (2). All the tracks are checked by default. Of course you can uncheck any track that doesn't need to be grabbed.

Check the Tracks You Want to Rip

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Step 4. Choose Output Format

Select the output WMA quality from the drop-down list (1). The ripper also has the ability to output uncompressed WAV files and even lossless WMA files. Click "Next" to start (2) ripping and the processing is displayed. After the ripping you may save the log info as a .txt or .log file.

Tips: Choose the quality according to your needs. You have uncompressed WAV format, lossless WMA as well as many lower-quality options of WMA. And remember: the better the quality, the larger the size.

Choose Output Format

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