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How to Load from Audio CD?


MP3 Audio Editor provides a quick and convenient way to import your audio CD to your computer, and you can freely decide to load the one you wish to import. What you need to do is pick up the audio tracks you want to load from audio CD. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor, and you will experience it.

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Step 1. Activate Load CD Window

Launch MP3 Audio Editor, insert an audio CD and click "Load CD" (1) to activate "Load Audio CD Track(s)" window.

Tips: If you want to directly load a track from an audio CD, you should insert the disc before clicking "Load from CD"; if you insert the CD after clicking "Load from CD", you may click "Refresh" in the pop-up window; if you still can't find any disc in the drive list, just restart the program.

Activate Load CD Window

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Step 2. Select the Tracks You Want to Load

Choose the device that contains your source audio CD from CD-ROM Drive drop-down list (1). The tracks of the CD will be listed, select one or more you wish to import (2). If you want to know about the audio CD information, click "freecddb". Click "Load" (3) to import the audio tracks and they will appear as separate editing window in MP3 Audio Editor.

Select the Tracks You Want to Load

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