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How to Batch Process Audio Files?


The included Batch Converter tool of MP3 Audio Editor is used to apply the same operations to a whole list of files. It allows adding a variety of effects to these audio files at once while converting all of them to another format like WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA. You should download and install MP3 Audio Editor first

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Step 1. Activate Batch Converter

Launch MP3 Audio Editor. Click the "File" (1) tab, then the "Batch Converter" (2) button. The batch converter window pops up.

Activate Batch Converter

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Step 2. Input Audio Files

Now you can add audio files (1) to the conversion list. (You may use "Add File" to directly add sound files or "Add Folder" to input all the sound files in a folder). If you want to delete a file just select it and click "Remove" button. Click "Next" (2) to continue.

Input Audio Files

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Step 3. Add Audio Effects

Click the "Add" (1) button and there is an "Add Command" window including many audio effects such as Amplify, Echo, Reverb and so on. Select one (2) as needed and click "Add" (3). You are allowed to remove the effect and make a setting with the desired effect. Then click "Next" (4) to proceed further.

Tips: Pay more attention that you can add one or more audio effects to the added audio files.

Add Audio Effects

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Step 4. Specify the Output Format and Output Folder

Select the output format (1) and folder (2). In “Output File Format" you can choose the same file format as loaded or choose a file format from WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA. Format Settings allows you to make a quick preset or specify settings to the audio quality; In "Output Folder" you can choose the same folder as loaded or save it to the folder you want. The program will automatically rename the output files to distinguish it from the original files of the same format. Finally, click "Finish" (3) to start conversion. When the progress is finished, the effect you specified would be applied to each file in the batch.

Specify the Output Format and Output Folder

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