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How to Change Speed without Changing Pitch?


If you would like to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy MP3 Audio Editor. It provides Speed Change feature to change the tempo of an audio signal without shifting the pitch. Here is the tutorial to show you how to change speed. First, download and install MP3 Audio Editor.

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Step 1. Input an Audio File

Launch MP3 Audio Editor. Click "Open" (1) to activate a browser window, in which you can select an audio file from your computer (2). Then, click "Open" (3) to input the audio file to program.

Tips: All the files of the supported formats can be seen in the "Open" window & if you want know other formats supported, activate the "Files of type" dropdown list at the bottom.

Input an Audio File

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Step 2. Select a Region

Select the region of the waveform to be changed speed. There are 4 ways to select a region: click anywhere of the waveform as a starting point and use hotkey like Shift+Home, Shift+End or Ctrl+A to select from start/end or all (1); click the left button and drag along with the waveform to the place wanted to be selected (2); specify the beginner & end of the session by moving the sliders below the waveform window (3); Input the start, end and length of time to choose specified region at the bottom of the editor (4). (If you want to change the speed of the entire song, click "Select All")

Tips: If you do not select any part, some inactivated buttons will be in color grey and the corresponding features are unavailable; some audio effect will be directly applied to the whole waveform.

Select a Region

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Step 3. Change the Audio Speed

Click "Effect" (1) tab to choose "Speed Change" (2). In the "Speed Change" window, insert the number in "Speed Adjust (%)" (3) or select a preset (4) from the "Presets" drop-down list. There are "Double Speed", "Slow Down" and "Speed Up". Click "Preview" (5) to pre-listen before you actually do anything. Click "OK" (6) to change the speed of the selected region without changing pitch.

Change the Audio Speed

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