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How to Zoom In/Zoom Out the Waveform?


Sometimes the view of the waveform is a little too small or too big and it would be nice to be able to zoom in or out to make the waveform easier to edit. Fortunately, MP3 Audio Editor has a few zoom buttons for you to remedy those problems. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor to help you edit your audio with correct zooming.

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Step 1. Input an Audio File

Launch MP3 Audio Editor. Click "Open" (1) to activate a browser window, in which you can select an audio file from your computer (2). Then, click "Open" (3) to input the audio file to program.

Tips: All the files of the supported formats can be seen in the "Open" window & if you want know other formats supported, activate the "Files of type" dropdown list at the bottom.

Input an Audio File

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Step 2. Zoom the Waveform

(1) "Zooms in": In order to zoom in, just press the icon or scroll forward the mouse wheel to zoom in.

(2) "Zooms out": In order to zoom out, just press the icon or scroll backward the mouse wheel to zoom out.

(3) "Zooms to the selected region": Click the icon to zoom in the selected region of the waveform and only the selected region displayed in the window.

(4) "Displays the entire wave length": When only the selected region displayed in the window, click this icon to present the entire waveform.

(5) "Vertical Zooms in": Press this icon to zoom in waveform in vertical direction.

(6) "Vertical Zooms out": Press this icon to zoom out waveform in vertical direction.

Zoom the Waveform

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