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How to Edit WMA Info?


WMA Info editor built in MP3 Audio Editor allows users to insert WMA audio's title, artist, time, album name and more for convenient identification and management. Download and install MP3 Audio Editor and edit the WMA info for your WMA files.

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Step 1. Edit the WMA Info

Launch MP3 Audio Editor. Click "File" tab (1) of the Ribbon Command Bar and choose "WMA Info" (2) to activate the WMA Information window. Click "Open" (3) to open the WMA file that you want to edit. You are allowed to edit the WMA Tag (4) like Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year and so on for the selected WMA files. The Maker List and Script List can be also edited. Then, click "Save" (5) and the edited information will be automatically saved.

Tips: It is suggest that you add some WMA info to your music if you don't find it troublesome. Many media player apps, mobile phones and some other portable devices can read these info inside, thus enabling you to manage the music systematically or at least recall who's the artist singing.

Edit the WMA Info

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