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Editing using the Clipboard

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The clipboard concept provides a common way of editing documents for all Windows applications. You can edit your recordings by copying the selected region to the Mp3 Audio Editor clipboard using the command Edit | Copy and paste the region into another location using the command Edit | Paste Insert. The Paste Insert command is equivalent to the normal paste command common in most Window applications. Mp3 Audio Editor has offers two additional ways of pasting:


· Paste Overwrite, which substitutes a selected region with the content of the clipboard.


· Paste Mix, which mixes the selected region with the content of the clipboard.



The command Edit | Cut copies the selected region to the clipboard before deleting it from the source recording. For the purpose of deleting parts of the recording, use one of the following two commands:


· Delete, which deletes the selected region


· Crop, which deletes everything but the selected region.