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How to Convert WMA to MP3?


MP3 format retains decent sound quality and requires considerably less space. Nearly all the modern portable digital music players can play MP3 files. However, WMA format takes a lot of storage space which is not handy in this modern era and many players can't read WMA files. It's necessary to convert WMA to MP3. Download and install Free Video Converter, and enjoy your music.

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Step 1. Input Audio Files

Launch Free Video Converter. Click "Add Video..." button (1) to input WMA files from your computer to the task list. Use the "Delete" button (2) or "Clear" button (3) to remove the unwanted files. Click "Move Up" (4) or "Move Down" button (5) or by drag the listed files to queue the added video files to meet your demands. You can also click "Play" button (6) to play the selected file with the media player in your system.

Tips: After you input an audio file, you will see the thumbnails of it, which is the middle frame of the audio; but no matter how many audio files of different formats you input, you can only see the same green icon with a musical note on it.

Input Video Files

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Step 2. Specify Output Settings

Click "Select..." button (1) to choose an output folder to backup the output files. There are 3 tabs for output formats: Video, Device & Audio. Each tab contains various output formats and you just need to select one in the right tab. Click "Audio" (2) tab to choose "To MP3" (3) as an output format. For specific needs, you can adjust the output quality with the well-configured presets for every format in the "Presets" dropdown list (4). Then, click "Convert" (5) to start conversion.

Specify Output Settings

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Step 3. Start Conversion

After you hit "Convert", some conversion information (1) and a progress bar (2) will be displayed within just few seconds, like the duration, status and progress of the conversion. The post-process options (3) can be chose to play a sound or shutdown the computer when the conversion is finished.

Tips: Our program converts the files in the queue one after another and takes less time to get a result. The batch conversion here does not mean simultaneously converting all the input files as that takes up much system resource & actually lowers the whole conversion and leads to poor quality - imagine this: you have spent 30 minutes to convert several large files simultaneous and none of them is finished yet. Suddenly an error occurs and the program is not responding so that you have to end the process. Oops, you've waited half an hour for nothing!

Start Conversion

When the progress is completed, a brief report about the conversion will be displayed. If needed, click "Open folder" (4) to directly open the output folder to get the converted files.

Find Converted Files

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