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How to Erase Discs?


You have just copied something to your available disc but find something that is not to your taste, thus you want to delete all and write it again. So, what you need is Goodisc CD DVD Burner which provides a Disc Eraser tool to permanently erase data and recover disc space for reuse. First, download and install Goodisc CD DVD Burner.

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Step 1. Launch Disc Eraser

Launch Goodisc CD DVD Burner. Insert a used CD to the disk drive, click the "More Tools" (1) and choose "Disc Eraser" (2) to run the eraser wizard.

Launch Disc Eraser

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Step 2. Select Usable Drive

The eraser scans your system for the available devices. Choose one of the usable drives (1) from the list to erase disc (the system will select it by default if there is only one).

Tips: If you don't have a disc in your drive, you could not proceed and there will be a window that pops up and reminds you of this. If you connect another drive or change the disc in the drive, just hit "Refresh..." or instead, click "Back" and then "Next" to update the device list.

Select Usable Drive

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Step 3. Select Erase Type and Erase Speed

Select one of the erase types (1) from fast erase (only TOC will be erased) and full erase (whole disc will be erased). The fast erasing, used widely in most situations, will save more time than the full erasing. Choose the suitable erasing speed (2) and click "Next" to start erasing (3). The disc erasing will be completely finished after the process bar reaches 100%.

Tips: It is suggested that you wait until your drive automatically ejects, instead of pressing optical drive eject button immediately when our program shows "Erasing complete".

Select Erase Type and Erase Speed

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