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How to Create ISO from Files?


ISO Creator built in Goodisc CD DVD Burner can turn a great many of files including multimedia and bootable files on your hard disk into ISO image file to make saving and transferring stores of files easier. With the ISO maker, converting MP4, AVI, MPEG media files to ISO is so simple. Download and install Goodisc CD DVD Burner, and then experience it.

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Step 1. Launch ISO Creator

Launch Goodisc CD DVD Burner. Insert a blank CD to the disk drive, click the "More Tools" (1) and choose "ISO Builder" (2) to run the creator wizard.

Launch ISO Creator

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Step 2. Specify Output File

Provide a name for new ISO image file (1).

Specify Output File

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Step 3. Choose ISO File System

Choose a system type to store the data. You can select one from ISO-9660 (1) and ISO-9660 + Joliet UNICODE name extension (2). You may check the "Create bootable disc" and click the square button to find and open the boot image files to create bootable disc.

Tips: An ISO 9660 file system is a standard CD-ROM file system that allows you to read the same CD-ROM whether you're on a PC, Mac, or other major computer platform. The standard, issued in 1988, was written by an industry group named High Sierra. Almost all computers with CD-ROM drives can read files from an ISO 9660 file system. There are several specification levels. In Level 1, file names must be in the 8.3 format (no more than eight characters in the name, no more than three characters in the suffix) and in capital letters. Directory names can be no longer than eight characters. There can be no more than eight nested directory levels. Level 2 and 3 specifications allow file names up to 32 characters long. Joliet, an extension to ISO 9660 from Microsoft, allows the use of Unicode characters in file names (needed for international user) and file names up to 64 characters in length.

Choose ISO File System

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Step 4. Select the Files and Start Creating

Click "Add File(s)..." (1) & "Add Dir..." (2) to add files & folders you as needed and use "New Dir..." or "Rename Dir..." to create or rename the folder. Also, you can remove one or all files & folders by "Remove/Remove All" button. Click "Next" (3) to start creation. Please be patient now! The ISO creation will be completely finished after the process bar reaches 100%.

Tips: Pay attention to the size limit here: if you are going to burn the created ISO image to a disc later, the total size of the added files should not exceed the capacity of CD/DVD disc you use.

Select the Files and Start Creating

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