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How to Copy Audio CD?


Tired of hauling your Beatles CDs everywhere you go? Don't want to risk losing or breaking your most treasured CD albums? Then why not convert your CD collections into audio files. Goodisc CD DVD Burner is the fastest and most affordable solution currently available on the market. It works fluently and does not require any technical knowledge. Download & install Goodisc CD DVD Burner and have a try!

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Step 1. Launch Audio CD Grabber

Launch Goodisc CD DVD Burner. Insert an audio CD to the CD drive, click "Audio CD" (1) and choose "Audio CD Grabber" (2) to run the audio grabber wizard.

Launch Audio CD Grabber

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Step 2. Select Usable Copying Drive

The ripper will scan your system and list the available devices. Choose one of the usable ripping drives from the list (1) (the system will select it by default if there is only one).

Tips: If you don't have a disc in your drive, you could not proceed and there will be a window that pops up and reminds you of this. If you connect another drive or change the disc in the drive, just hit "Refresh..." or instead, click "Back" and then "Next" to update the device list.

Select Usable Copying Drive

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Step 3. Define an Output Folder

Click the square button to select an output folder (1) for saving the ripped audio files. Then you can check the listed audio tracks you want to rip (2). If you have changed disc in the drive, just click "Refresh..." to update tracks list.

Define an Output Folder

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Step 4. Choose Compression Type

Choose one of the compression types (1) from the available templates to fulfill your needs. Click "Next" to start copying (2) and wait until the process bar reaches 100%. The disc will eject after the audio CD has been completely copied.

Tips: It is suggested that you wait until your drive automatically ejects, instead of pressing optical drive eject button immediately when our program shows "Grabbing complete".

Choose Compression Type

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