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Setting the volume

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Just like with recording on a cassette recorder, you must adjust the recording volume.


1. Check that the sound source is correctly connected to the sound card and that the right source is selected. See Connecting the source for more information.


2. Check that the speakers are switched on and that the volume is open.


3. Play a loud fragment of the song you want to record, on the video recorder, cassette player or record player. Adjust the Volume in the Mixer Settings - Recording Source window, such that the peak meters (located on the right-hand side of the recording window) are hardly reaching the red zone. During the loudest fragments, the peak meters should hover in the yellow area.


Some sound sources, like Digital CD sources, don’t have a volume control and in that case the volume control will be disabled. The volume will then automatically be at the correct level.


Some sound cards don’t support separate control of the left and right sound channel volume. This does not necessarily mean that the recording will not be in stereo though, provided that you do select a stereo sound quality.