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Recording Through the Sound Card

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Please follow the steps below to record audio from audio equipment such as record players, tape decks or microphones through your sound card:


1. Make sure the audio source is properly connected to the audio input of your computer. See Connecting Your Stereo Equipment for more information about how to connect your audio equipment.


2. Create a new an empty recording window by selecting File | New... or position the cursor where you want to insert recorded audio in an existing recording.


3. Select Control | Record....


4. If you are recording to an empty editing window Mp3 Audio Editor needs to know what sample format you wish to use (see Concepts of Digital Audio for more information). Please choose the desired recording format and click the button labelled Ok.


5. The Recording dialog box now opens.


Now make sure that the correct input line is selected in the line in combo box . You can monitor the input level using the level meters and, if needed, adjust the input level using the input level slider. The level meter should never be in the red area in order to avoid clipping distortions.


6. Click the button labelled Record to start the recording.


7. When you are done recording, click the button labelled Keep to accept the recording.



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