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Recording Internet broadcasts (streaming audio)

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With the Sound Recorder you can record from virtually any sound source that is audible through the computer speakers, including Internet radio broadcasts (streaming audio) for example. Just make sure to follow these steps:


1. First start playback of the Internet broadcast in the player you are using, like RealPlayer.


2. Wait for RealPlayer to start playback. First it will download a couple of seconds of sound, before it starts playback.


3. Then start the Sound Recorder and select the appropriate sound source. The names of the sound sources differ from one system to another, but the sound source for recording RealAudio playback, is usually named Wave, Stereo Mix, What You Hear, or something in similar wording. The Sound Recorder will automatically select the appropriate recording quality.


4. Start recording in the Sound Recorder. Optionally you can restart playback in RealPlayer, to record the whole sound clip from the beginning.