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While recording you don’t have to pay attention to the exact moment the sound starts or ends. Later you can use the Audio Editor to easily cut off a starting pause that is too long or cut the recording into multiple tracks.


1. Set the video recorder, the cassette player or the record player on stand-by at the beginning of the song you want to record.


2. First start recording, by clicking on the red record button in the Recorder.


3. Now start playback of the song on the video recorder, cassette player or record player.


4. While recording, please pay attention that the peak meters will not reach the red zone too often and too long. See also: Setting the Volume.


5. When the song is finished, click on the stop button in the Sound Recorder window. When a recording ends with applause for example, then also record a large part of this applause. Later it can easily be faded away with the Audio Editor.


Once recording has started, a button will show up that can be used to reset the recording and start over again.


A new recording will be stored in a temporary file on the hard disk. When you click on the Keep button to stop recording, the new recording will automatically be created.


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