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Create, Open and Save audio files

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Create a new audio file


To create a new file press Ctrl+N.


When creating a new file Mp3 Audio Editor will normally prompt you to select the sample rate and channels. You can disable this prompt and set the default rate using Mp3 Audio Editor Options.


For more information to guide you when selecting sample rates and channels please see General Audio Concepts (Samples, Channels etc..).


Open an existing audio file


To open and existing file press Ctrl+O, browse to locate the file you want to open and click Open.


You can also load audio tracks from the CDs by select File -> Load Audio CD Track(s). Select a track by click on it.


Save an audio file


To save the current audio file with the current name press Ctrl+S.


To save the file with a different name or in a different format use the menu File -> Save As.


noteNote: When working with audio files, you should not save the file in a compressed format until you have finished all editing because every time you save and reload in a compressed format you lose some quality. Save as a PCM wav file to preserve quality.