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Connecting the source

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To be able to make a digital recording of sound on music cassettes, LP’s or videos for example, you must connect the video recorder, cassette player or record player to the sound card in your computer.


Every sound card is different in detail, so here we can only provide you with some general guidelines on how this is done.



More information (including pictures) on connecting sound sources like an LP or cassette player to your computer, can be found on our Internet site at this address:

How To Connect



Here are some general guidelines:


curserA cassette player or video recorder can usually be connected to the sound card directly through the Line In or Auxiliary input connector.

On a cassette player you must connect the Out or Play output connectors to the sound card.

On a video recorder you must connect the (stereo) audio output connector to the sound card. The audio output signal is usually available together with the video output signal on a so-called SCART output connector on the video recorder. Special cables are available at your retailer.


curserThe signal of a record player is usually too weak to be connected to the sound card directly and must be connected to the Line In or Auxiliary input connector of the sound card through an amplifier.

You connect the record player to the amplifier and the amplifier to the sound card. Usually you can use the Rec Out output connector on the amplifier for the connection to the sound card.



Do not connect a record player to the microphone input of the sound card! A microphone connection of a sound card is usually not stereo but mono and also the signal might be distorted because the microphone channel of the sound card is not designed for other sources but microphones.


curserAt Sound source in the Mixer window you choose which input of the sound card must be recorded. Usually this is Auxiliary or Line In for recording the connected video recorder, cassette player or record player. You can of course also record from any of the other sources, like the microphone. Your sound card provides the kinds and naming of available sound sources and this will differ from one sound card to another.

You can hear what you’re recording through the computer speakers connected to the sound card.